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Petition to the World: Stop Cat-Calling a.k.a Street Harassment

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What is cat-calling?

It is to make a whistle, shout, or comment of a sexual nature to a person passing by.


Cat-calling has been in everyday scenarios. Even though you tell a positive comment to that person walking across the street, that comment will never be a compliment. It may sound that you are praising a certain person but it's actually offending them.

Street harassment isn't just annoying, it damages the person within. Cat-calling may sound like a joke but for the victim it affects his/her vision of himself/herself. Cat-calling will never be the victim's fault because people don't go for other's entertainment. Some may actually response to someone cat-calling them but it's because they're just tired of it so they try to ignore it.

A person's clothing style will never be a reason for you to harass and embarrass them. It is your choice that you must know how to discipline yourself.

Many of us this experience this kind of harassment. Let's make a change. Respect others as how you want to be respected.


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