No Fungi - No Future

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The sustainability of all higher organic life is evolutionarily dependent on the natural cycle of fungi and mycelium. As the oldest of the three kingdoms of life, they have enabled animals and plants to evolve on land. The fungi genome became the basis of existence for the development of our ecosystems, for the development of mammals; for the development of humanity.

If we humans are to survive the 21st century, we must protect fungi in all their forms. To survive the worsening of the current climate crisis, we must protect, research, and use fungi and their mycelium.

Everyone should therefore know that the majority of CO2 in our biosphere is not stored by plants themselves, but by the fungi mycelium in the soil. In this way, fungi mycelium recycles everything - animals, humans, and plants. In this way, fungi mycelium enables a sustainable and fertile nutrient and recycling cycle.

We can therefore make a paradigm shift in our agriculture through the fungal genome. We can turn agriculture from an instrument of destruction of our biosphere to an instrument of saving our biosphere.

Like us humans, our ecosystems also have an immune system. Through mycorestoration, we can regenerate the immune system of specific ecosystems, and thus the immune system of our biosphere.

Mycorestoration, the regeneration of the fungal genome, can be the primary principle of our new agriculture.

Everyone should therefore know: Mycorestoration is the best way to stabilize biodiversity and absorb more CO2. Mycorestoration is the most natural and best form of climate protection. Mycorrhizal restoration offers people a way out of the climate crisis.

Now is the time to act so that we not only survive but perhaps even live better. We can research, preserve, and use the fungal genome.

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If we do not perceive the present, we cannot change the future.

No fungi - no future. Everyone should know this!