Minors should NOT have control of their addiction and mental health treatment!!!

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In MB a minor (under the age of 18) has control if their addiction and mental health treatment. This means that an active using 14 year old, (age as an example, the youth could be 13, 16 etc) whether they are using meth, cocaine, molly aka ecstasy, it doesn’t matter....they can deny treatment!!! There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with that and it’s TIME FOR CHANGE!!!!!! I am fighting for this age to be changed to 18! There is no such thing as a mandatory lock up facility for minors to receive addiction and mental health treatment in this Province!! From what I’m understanding it’s due to fear of taking away the child’s rights! Is this really what our society has come to that the child’s rights matter more than their safety and in many cases their life?! Do they not have a “right” to a healthy and flourishing life?! An active user WILL NOT make the decision to seek treatment. In addition these youth aka minors are many times pulled into the addiction by exploitation groomers!!! It’s not their fault and they were preyed on!! A healthy functioning mind of a youth is not capable of making sound choices for themselves so why do we think a vulnerable youth who good chances has been preyed on and manipulated to think their addiction use is ok!!!!!! Please share and sign this petition so parents can have the say back in HELPING their child! Let’s change the age to 18!!!