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Mental Health Awareness and Support

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I have often wondered why mental illness tends to be segregated from physical illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, or a heart condition. If the brain is a physical organ of the body and a chemical reaction (blood and fluids) also of the physical anatomy, then wouldn’t it all be considered physiological? “Physical” can be seen and felt and is relatively simple to explain. Meanwhile, “mental” is thought of as theoretical, which cannot be seen or felt and is therefore, more complicated and difficult to explain. Mental illness is thus subject to scrutiny and abuse which causes the patient to delay pursuit of help.
On the contrary, Abraham Low saw mental illness as a physiological condition and developed a mental health management training method in addition to offering medical treatment. While I do work for a senior behavioral health unit, I have come across many patients and people who because of lack of education or ignorance made getting well more difficult than needed to be. Non-compliance with medications and treatment is a frequent issue for patients suffering from mental illness.
Resisting the professional’s advice initiates the long and arduous road for the patient. Patients often make decisions sorely on what they feel they need, not what an educated professional tells them. Their refusal to take medication simply because, “It’s a drug and drugs do harm” or if on medication, they don’t take seriously what is prescribed. Given therapy, they frequently sabotage simply because they disagree or believe they know better. Then, there is the other extreme: patients who make a ritual of changing doctors but continue to believe “they don’t understand me,” or “who knows my body better than I do?”
This can all be solved by helping reduce the stigma that surrounds mental health and increase the amount of financial assistance that is granted to the respected departments. There needs to be more. More educational institutes that provide easy to access materials and educational presentations to people who may need help. The government needs to establish legislation that prohibits the discrimination of mental illnesses, and recognize them as what they are – health issues.
You may think that i'm biased as I work in this field, but it's true. The amount of people that need help mentally is only going to increase. We struggle to help those people now, what are we going to do in 10 years? 20 years? 100 years? We must act now. That is why I am calling on our government to amend their healthcare legislation to include access and assistance in the mental health field for properly diagnosing and treating mental illnesses. This is a serious issue that they need not to face alone. Many people commit suicide due to not being able to get the help that they need or they are ashamed to get help due to society's' stance on mental illnesses. Just because you need help getting straightened out doesn't make you a psycho or a freak. One in five people will seek mental illness assistance this year alone. One in five of those people will be prohibited from enjoying daily living activities. What if that one person was you or a loved one? We must act now. 
President Trump – I'm calling on you to include special revisions in your healthcare legislation to cover these expenses. Not only are depressed people vulnerable, think of the veterans who suffer from PTSD. They too can benefit from services provided by mental health facilities. I'm not asking for a lot, just a step into the right direction – acknowledging that there is an issue and helping solve it, all while educating the people of The United States on what mental illnesses truly are. Health.

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