Let's bring back Mercy to life

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(the reasoning is at the bottom of the description, the first part is just a summarized version of it)

After the latest mercy nerf and the 50k+ comments of feedback about mercy the devs have str8 up gone "I dont care mode" and slapped us with "We dont think she needs any changes currently". Mercy's ultimate is basically useless in any teamfight where the enemy uses EVEN 1 ultimate (since valk cant outheal the dmg, you cant res since you would get assasinated and the dmg boost doesnt help with dead people)

Let's bring our old Mercy back, with the huge res ability. The old SR system is gone so hide-&-seek is no more gonna be a beneficial strategy.

Here are my reasons for believing big ress was healthier for OW and mercy players:
-Ressurect as ult was an earned ability.
~You had to heal/ dmg boost , be active in the fight etc etc. And so it was a bit easier to balance. You could add cast time, LOS, charge rate decrease.
-Current res doesnt feel good to play with and against.
~It has 30 sec CD. Its not earned. It has this immobility thing which stops your healing output nad dmg boost potential. Also If you wanna live thru res you need at least 2 people protecting you/ cover. In teamfights ressurect is a suicide button FIRST because you can really easily get outta the range for res while doing so, cancelling and putting on CD your res
SECOND because you deny your team your attendance. Your healing isnt present while ressurecting thus leaving ur team without/ or with off- healer
And THIRD cuz you are so immobile you are like practice range bot
-Valkyrie is bad.I dont even know how to express how bad it is
~Moira has this 8 second 140hps and 60 dps ult
~Lucio has the insta 500hp boost
~Zen has the 300 hps for 6 seconds
~Ana has this "SMACK HIM WITH THE BUFF HAMMER" ult which makes dps/tanks really hard to kill but also really strong
~ and mercy has that ult with extremely long duration but with the 60hps heal everyone can burst thru with easy. The range on the beam chain is also no more than 4 meters (~half a tracer blink). Ye I agree the massive 30% dmg boost is good but people are more often than notscattered , so you cant really dmg boost mroe than 2 people at a time. Valk is kinda unfair for the person trying kill mercy unless heis a hitscan or has an ult.(edited)
- Ressurect as ult really gave u the chills when using it. And ye while it might not be fair for the enemy who wasted all their ultis on the 5 people without having mercy dead, its their own fault. Thats counterplay, nothing else.I agree it charged a bit too fast tho, maybe it should have the charge rate of valk
~ whats more ressurect could turn the fight in your favor MORE OFTEN THAN NOT when you temporessed 1-2 maybe 3 pople that had ults. Valkyrie cannot do that. And will never do.

And no the fact that she has ~80% playrate in OWL and being the 3rd most played hero doesnt mean she is balanced and fun. OWL supporters play her to pocket widows and give them a second chance if they die, SOMETHING people from master and below (even in gm more often than not) never do. And people keep playing mercy because her skill set doesnt transfer to any other hero.

Whats more I feel like the devs themselves were preparing the rework ever since day 1. We can just see the history of mercy changes:
Mercy 1.0 Buffed
Mercy 1.1 slight nerf that every hero got, still a nerf tho (-10% ult charge rate)
Mercy 1.2 Buffed
Mercy 1.3 BIG BUFFS (invulnerability when casted)
Mercy Gets reworked
Mercy 2.0 Nerfed
Mercy 2.1 slightly Nerfed (they took out the GA momentum for a week or so if you remember)
Mercy 2.1 Nerfed
Mercy 2.2 Nerfed
Mercy 2.3 Nerfed (the most recent, January 30th 2018)

Im so sad blizzard made us fight for the hero we all love...