Kidneys – the unsung heroes! This World Kidney Day, pledge to #SaveURKidneys.

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Statistics indicate that 1 in 10 persons in the general population are estimated to have some form of chronic kidney disorder (CKD).

That’s perhaps because kidney health is often ignored as they perform their vital functions silently.

The two bean-shaped organs are located below your ribs - one on each side of your spine near your back muscles. They remove excess fluid from your body via urine and by doing this, keep your blood healthy, filtering about 180 litres of blood on a daily basis! They also keep electrolytes such as potassium and sodium balanced, create red blood cells and hormones that help with blood pressure, and promote bone health. All this, by these two fist-sized organs!

Kidney disease usually doesn’t make you feel sick until the problem becomes serious and irreversible. Lifestyle adjustments like reducing consumption of aerated drinks, sugar and salt, abstinence from alcohol and smoking and cutting down on needless medications can go a long way in keeping your kidneys healthy.

Kidney diseases damage your kidneys, preventing them from cleaning your blood as well as they should. This damage can cause waste to build up in your body which in turn leads to other health problems including heart disease, anaemia and bone disease. Chronic kidney disease eventually can cause kidney failure, if it is not treated in time.

Early intervention helps to #SaveURKidneys. Not doing so can lead to kidney failure!

Hence, this World Kidney Day, sign this petition and pledge to #SaveURKidneys.

Check out these tips on how to treat your kidneys with care: #SaveURKidneys.pdf

And don’t forget to share this petition with your loved ones and get them to pledge too! After all, when you love someone, you love their kidneys too!



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