Keep hayden in Canada

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    Hayden Boyle is my brother. He’s from New Zealand, and he talks a little differently than the rest of my family, but he is my brother… and he is currently at risk of being deported by the Canadian government, who won’t renew his working Visa. 

The government doesn’t know our story well, so we want to get it out there for the purpose of keeping Hayden here with us, here in Canada, where he belongs. If they find out about our family’s situation, our hope is they will let Hayden stay for as long as he wants. Please sign this petition to raise awareness and in support of keeping him here, where he wants to be, with his family. 

    I met Hayden when my sister, Madi, brought him home from New Zealand. He fit into our family and our wide network of friends, instantly. He’s kind, funny, fun to be around, and so caring to everyone he meets. Throughout his time in Canada, he’s met and befriended so many people, and he has become a huge part of our family--not only as Madi’s boyfriend, but as our brother, son, nephew, grandson, cousin, and friend. He doesn’t want to go, just us as much as we don’t want to see him leave.

    My sister, Madison, the love of Hayden’s life, passed away in July of 2019. It was the worst time in all of our lives, and we continue to feel the pain from the loss of Madi every single day. We have been healing and grieving as best we can… as a family, which Hayden is a part of. Taking Hayden away from us will not only compact the pain we feel in the loss of Madi, but will needlessly rip our brother and son away from us. It will cause more loss within our family and community. It will cause us more pain and grief, and there’s absolutely no reason for it. 

Hayden has a job waiting for him, a place to live, and a wide network of family and friends here in Canada. He has a support network and people who understand, better than anyone, what he is going through. 

He is a part of us, and we’re a part of him. He simply can’t be taken away from us. We love Hayden, and if you’ve met him, we know you do too. We ask that you please sign this petition to help us stop his deportation from happening.