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Keep Corruption out of BLM

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The BLM has long been corrupted by greedy inhumane ranchers for years. The methods of these ranchers including "mustanging" a horrific "cowboy" method of capturing wild horses in rural areas of western states by using airplanes and helicopters to round up and pen and capture young to geriatric horses for slaughter purpose for personal financial gain. These methods are extremely dangerous to our wild horses these animals have run themselves into barbed wire fences , been hit by helicopters and injured and foals have ran so hard their hooves fell off and later died. Once penned the "cowboys' hit kick and prod the animals.  These acts are Inhumane. Over the years advocates and even BLM employees have risked their lives to bring this awareness to the public and try to stop the behavior.  They were repaid by death threats to themselves and their families. Little has been done to stop the bullying of Ranchers on BLM and the public. False claims that cattle grazing rights are jeopardized by the "overpopulation" of the wild horses has been thrown around regularly . Cattle ranchers like Clive Bundy are corrupt and greedy and have no intention of keeping animal rights alive and thriving they are out to put money in their pockets and fool the public. Ranchers were asked to pull back cattle grazing during drought seasons. Their response..... A militia and threats and non diplomacy . Is this the "cowboy" you all hear in country songs and watch at rodeos? NO. This is the truth. Cowboy methods are harsh and cruel to animals and they are backed by big companies and "protect the harvest" and they are backed by corrupt lawyers who have no regards for animal life and humane ways to control the population Karen Budd-Falen is up for election by President Trump to lead the BLM a woman who backed Bundy and backs Ranchers and their corruption a woman who is for the legalization of mass slaughter of wild horses in burros. This woman must be stopped and the corruption needs to end. Stand with us and send this petition to the white house and let Mr. Trump know we will not stand for innocent animal lives to be murdered anymore for the corruption that is corporate ranching. 

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