Keep carson with his mummy and daddy!!

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Hi, my name is Tonicha fawcett my son carson is nearly two month old I’m going through the social services as they want carson to be taken away from me due to me and my partner having arguments and fights in the past this hasn’t happened since 2016 last year  me and my partner which is carsons father have had the Social involved since I was 2 months pregnant we have been going through the progress which has been extremely hard for me and has made my depression gone from 100 to 200 they have asked me to start a contract and also Jonathan we both have been complying with the Social and all there meetings and things they have asked us to do such  as doctors appointments Social appointments also anger management mental health help, we are currently living In separate houses which will still be happening after we get our results back on the 14th of November 2017 carson needs to be with his mother and father as he’s has the strong bond with us both Jon hasn’t seen his son as much due to the social services not letting him have contact as much as he needs and wants they have let him down on contact so many times and now has allowed him to see him once a week for a hour and a half they want to asses us as a family but how can they when they wont let us go out together? Me and jon are so heartbroken this is happening to us and our son and so upset we just want our little boy to be with us where he belongs, my mother has been such a big support with all this and has stuck by us no matter what ❤️ I couldn’t thank her enough, we are NOT bad people or parents we’ve done everything we can as they asked but it doesn’t seem good enough there is a lot worse parents out there that’s doing bad to there kids but we have done nothing wrong at all!! please help us let carson stay with his parents where he belongs :(

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