Justice for Remmy, a dog abducted and stomped to his death

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In Victoria, BC, on Monday, January 20th, Brandon Norman Bartlett broke into a home and abducted Remmy their sweet little miniature pincher. Bartlett was later seen stomping Remmy to his death. There are no words for this heartless act. This petition has been made to ensure that this man does not get away with this horrific and heartbreaking murder and that Remmy’s family and loved ones who are deeply mourning their beloved family members death can rest at night knowing they are safe and he is behind bars to stay. If it is not ok to beat and/or murder a human, there is no and should not be any difference when it comes to our beloved companions that we are here to protect and nurture.. This man lives in an Appartment building that houses many other tenants on the 1300 block of hillside ave. I am a neighbour to this man and have spoken to a few other neighbours and we have been majorly impacted with fear and confusion as to why this man would do such monstrous actions to a helpless little dog. A Neighbour shared that she will be installing bars in her window and we are all losing sleep at night.

What is being done to protect our community?
Reports say he may suffer from mental illness but no matter what the reason of this horror story, he needs serious help and serious consequences. This man cannot be allowed back into our community. Justice needs to be served.


Together We can make a difference and hopefully bring peace of mind to our community.

Watch the news report here https://vancouverisland.ctvnews.ca/mobile/victoria-man-charged-in-horrific-death-of-dog-1.4779376#_gus&_gucid=&_gup=Facebook&_gsc=Ia3bR2D