Justice for Baby Harris

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Harris was a beautiful healthy baby boy on all Ultrasound scans and all prenatal visits i heard baby harris's heartbeat i monitored harris's and his mother's health on every visit everything was perfect

His mother gave birth to him on the 15th May 2017 at 31 weeks pregnant going in to labour early, She had severe abdominal pain and was bleeding, she was rushed in to hospital with a high fever and feeling very faint.

After waiting for hours to be seen by a doctor harris's mother was told there is no heart beat on the 14th may 2017,
A few weeks before harris's mother went to the hospital as she was getting discharge what i as her midwife and every other doctor  was know'n as amniotic fluid she was ready to give birth but!! the doctor told harris's mother,
harris was not ready to come for another month at least and sent her home.

Harris died of a infection which is 100% true, if a women's waters break the baby is ready to come in to this world baby harris and his mother was neglected, I Know'n as jacky will fully represent harris and his family We are in court on the 20th of November to get justice for baby harris also his family.
Please sign this petition and help us show some awareness to the world we don't want anything like this to happen to any other family!! Most of all we want justice for Harris

October awareness month,

On the 15th of october it is wave of light everyone in the world is invited to light a candle at 7pm in all time zone's, all over the world, keep you're candle lit for at least an hour.
In observance of pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

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