Justice for Ashlee Hahn grandmother assaulted by Mesa Police Department

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On the night of Feb 14th, my sweet, 84 year old Grandmother was assaulted by Mesa Police Department. She is recovering from her 4th stroke & is confused, cognitively impaired & barely physically able to stand on her own because of uncontrollable shaking.

The police were called to her residence for a wellness check for a close family member who lives on her property. They were specifically asked not to bother or question my grandmother because of her present & very fragile state. They forced her out of her home into the street, holding her arms tight enough to leave bruises and bleed. Her inability to hold still (because of her previous strokes, as seen in uploaded videos) inclined them to slam her down, head first on the asphalt. They handcuffed her after she woke from her unconscious state.

After seeing the damage they had done & sending my Grandmother off in an ambulance, they called my Mother (who made the original wellness check call) & told her that my Grandmother “slipped”.

The officer who came down to the hospital only seemed to care about deflecting & defending the officers involved. No accountability. No apologies. Then left her with a citation for obstruction.

She is traumatized & feels untrusting of the people who she thought would protect her. 
If this was your grandmother, what would you do?


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