Junior Lifeguards in the Lagoon-Whitsundays

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Who wants to KEEP Water Safety and The Junior Lifeguards alive at the Lagoon . To keep our Whitsundays families safer around water and water ways.

The Junior Lifeguards has been running for more than 6 years in the Lagoon without problems and now of the sudden, they are not anymore permitted in the Lagoon. It is disappointing that our families in the community who paying rates as well, not a able to learn water safety and survival skills.

I like to do a get up petition against the council wrong decision.

We are the most multi cultural place in Australia, lots of families who are living here in Australia have no idea about water safety and Australian Water Ways.

Keeping our families educated, our children trained to be alert and Taking on responsibilities is another layer of water safety.

In my understanding this is a wrong decision they have made.

Please comment below to sign up for the petition.

Council please change your attitude!!

As so more people we can get together as so more important they see this matter.

If you like to support and help this matter- please send me a message with your name and email and comment below to REVIEW a this matter to Council.

Our Airlie Beach Aquatic Reef Club Inc.
Will collect the data and will send a review of the refusal of the application.

Kind regards
Annika Grunwald
Club founder