INDIA TEAM needs your Help!

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INDIA is  Representing internationally in TOUCH RUGBY for the FIRST time ever!
Mission- YOUTH WORLDCUP 2018, MALAYSIA (Under20)

Party? Yes! And so many 2000 rupees notes are spent in seconds. Have you ever thought of the ones who are not able to dream high or convert their Dreams into Reality? 

The small kids of 18-20 age group, playing TOUCH RUGBY have tighten up their seat belts, flying to Malaysia and working their heart and soul to make INDIA proud. 

90% of these kids, are from low class families with annual family income less than 1 lakh. These kids require your support for the same, as bearing an expense of 80,000 rupees per person  is really a tough job for them. Many have sold their lands in villages, and many have taken loans at a very high rate of interest. 

It would be of a great help for us, as even a penny counts, and we will be able to return back their amounts. 

The dreams are big, and big dreams require a Big Amount. Being a citizen of India, I hope you won't let their big dreams down just because of shortage of money.