Increase drug rehabilitation funding.

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Anne Joh
3 years ago
Our Gov'ts and big Corps have no intention on winning the war on anything. Corporations own our businesses, systems through lobbyist that buy our gov'ts, that buy our institutions and companies and profit from this system of privatization. We are all awakening to this evil scheme and will not tolerate it!!! The unveiling of these socio/psychopaths within these constructs will be shamed and dealt with, with the coming of judgement day!! Put money into programs, stop jailing our citizens or face the justice of GOD!

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Tim Clarke
4 years ago
The punitive ideology of an elitist and unrepresentative regime is a proven failure. The ongoing facilitation of corporate criminality is TREASON TREASON TREASON against the Children of Australia.
Prohibition-again- a time-proven failure.
The meth scourge is a DIRECT RESULT of the criminalisation of less harmful drugs by these ideological narcissistic superiorists who have WHORED our jobs, industry, commodities, land, and essential and major services to their multi-national tax dodging corporate puppeteers.
Their disparitic bastardry is the reason there are so many desperate and despairing seeking some form of temporary escape.
Their hypocritical bastardry in the profiteering from alcohol, tobacco and gambling an absolute disgrace. Any one of these vices causing more societal harm than all illegal drugs combined.
It is government that first and foremost needs to curb its addictions.
The decriminalisation of ALL drugs, and the removal of tobacco[excise] from the shelves(in conjunction with the removal of Federal penalties for its growing) will see an end to street, gang, gun, and organised crime.
These things are a product of disparitic bastardry and the monopolies of supply and demand. EDUCATION, not criminalisation, is the answer. Coupled with an opportunity for a decent life for all.