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Please stand against abortion and pro choice

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This petition is important because you are saying that unborn children have a voice and that they have a right to exist in this world. Now i want to make some things perfectly clear since i know this topic of abortion and pro choice is a very sensitive issue first off when i say i am against pro choice i do not mean i am against a women's right to do whatever she want's to her own body like if she want's to get tattoos or piercings done to her body or anything else that she want's to do with her own body go for it what i am saying is that the unborn child growing in the women's womb is a separate body and should have a voice as well and that if the child is aborted then that child is robbed of experiencing the joys of life like their first kiss their first hug or even the joy of falling in love for the first time and of course the extreme joys of having sex and so on also being pro choice would be like someone saying their ok with a child being murdered it would be like a person saying yeah im ok with the nazi's killing people also please think about this if you are for abortion or pro choice in a way you are actually being against gay rights for who knows the child could of become gay or even have been born a genius or perhaps even a movie star now when doctors say that the child feels no pain when they kill the child they are lying to you because all they care about is the money they get from preforming the abortion now their are a few good decent doctors in this world that will tell you the truth about abortion but sadly you won't find many now i am for birth control and contraception due to the fact that if these things were not used parents that are not ready to be parents would mistreat the child or even put the child in a orphanage or worse they may kill the child and become a murderer of a child as a result also if a single women or a married women has a child and she is poor then she will not be able to support the child because she is poor and the sorrow is even greater if she has a bunch of children and is poor for she has to put them up for adoption and many orphanage's can mistreat children or even worse run out of room which means that poor defenseless child will be alone on the streets now if the child is adopted by a loving family that is a beautiful thing but if the poor child has the rotten luck of being adopted by a abusive family it will be a total nightmare for the child now im not saying that adoption is wrong im saying it is very risky for the child because the child has a 50 50 chance of getting a good family or a bad family that adopts them also their is only one reason to justify abortion and one reason only and that is if the mother can die during childbirth now this choice must not be taken lightly for it is a very important choice for the single women or married women and her husband or women and her boyfriend to make she must decide if she wants to die so her child can live or if she wants the child to die so she can live both choices are very very depressing if a women is raped that child should not be aborted and suffer for the evil crime of the rapist for to do that would be to punish the innocence child for the evil crime of the rapist and the same goes for incest for it is not good to punish the innocence child for the crimes of the guilty i also wish to say in advance that i am deeply sorry if my petition offends anyone especially women i mean no disrespect to anyone who see's and reads this petition and also i have nothing but respect for women and to be perfectly honest great desire for certain women also if you don't completely agree with anything i have said that is ok for we can agree to disagree also this petition is not about religion and i am not against abortion and pro choice because of religious reason's either i am against it because i truly see it as wrong another thing i need to mention is that a company named Senomyx is putting aborted human fetal cells into all Kraft,Nestle,Cadbury and Schweppers products also it is being put into all Pepsi,Coca Cola,Mountain Dew,Seira Mist,Aquafina and Mug Root Beer drink's and if you don't believe me then try googling Senomyx is putting aborted human fetal cells into certain food and drink products and you will be shocked at what you find and when you find out its true please please boycott these products so please open your mind's and open your heart's to this petition of mine!!! PS At five weeks old the unborn child already has a spine,eyes, brain and a mouth as well and birth control and contraception can kill the child even at five weeks old and the child might feel pain but i don't know for certain if it will feel pain but birth control and contraception are a necessary evil until male birth control is perfected which will hopefully be very soon also please look at what is in the link im going to give you.

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