Change the National Anthem to Break Your Heart Right Back by Ariana Grande.

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The national anthem just isn't relevant anymore. Francis Scott Key? You know he owned slaves and the original version of the anthem had references to slavery, right? Is this really something we want embedded within the history of our anthem? This song originally celebrated the death of slaves and its very nature is akin to a war song. Our country is much more than that. 

Break Your Heart Right Back shows the nuanced nature of the everyday life of an American. The story revolves around a young woman discovering her lover may be homosexual, and this discovery leads to an outbreak of emotions, beautifully captured by the catchy chorus, impressively crafted production, and of course, Donald Glover's extraordinary flow. 

This song is more than just a radio hit... it embodies our country in its purest form. A country full of diverse, nuanced problems that can be overcome with a good verse. 

Make it happen, America.