Justice for the little angel Kill thise bastards who did this to little asifa

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Respected mam/sir..The problem is...few years back it is nirbhaya..now asifa...these are known to world..but there are many who suffered by rape..people feel shy to talk of this situation..but y don't u think to change that.every human being is capable of self defence..we stepped back in the case of asifa but there should not be other asifa r other nirbhaya r other girl..make self defence a part of education.if not this way then there is no other way to save every one..make it compulsory makem them learn how can they protect themselves not at the age of 18 but at the age of 8 coz today's children can do miracles.provide such awarness from the small rural village gov schools to urban higher corporate schools.dont make this again a business..some people may not afford to pay the fee.we are like children for the gov so save ur children not having a thought of money. ... i pray for u i beg u r take it in any way ... and finally as i stated earlier i request u to kill those who did this to asifa the people who did this are roaming like they are kings ...without even having a guilt ..plz make this happen ..i hope this will happen..your's faithfully...a girl born from the womb of mother..a student who want to educate others ...a citizen who fights  for nation..thankyou