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No more close-ups of male actors faces after c/ shots in adult movies.

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Greetings to everyone caring about the health of this essential part in our lives,

First of all, if you got here you must know you are among friends, we all enjoy adult entertainment. Everyone. Or at least we should.

This request needs the support of the every male consumer of adult movies with a certain sexual tendency. Respect for all of them and for everyone, it's just that this petition does not affect them. 

Please, STOP taking close-ups of the male actors face after the money shot, at least in hetero movies. I am sure I'm not the only one who likes, from time to time, to sync his relief with the facial at the end of some scenes.
I also recommend you to try it if you haven't.

We do not really have the need to see how satisfied the performer pretends to be, I'm sure many will all agree that this is a moment to focus on OUR OWN pleasure, and seeing a male making silly faces during this glory moment feels like a stab in the middle of the libido.

Seriously, what's the point? Is it just trolling? 

So I beg your support for this petition to end with 2-3 seconds capable of ruining the most pleasant of reliefs.



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