Get Julius Malema to court for promoting hate speech and hate crimes

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A hate speech bill was passed in South Africa with the aim of , and quoting straight from the bill : “ 

The bill aims to-

Give effect to the Republic’s obligations in terms of the Constitution and
international human rights instruments concerning racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, in accordance with international law obligations;
Provide for the offence of hate crime and the offence of hate speech
and the prosecution of persons who commit those offences;

Provide for appropriate sentences that may be imposed on persons who commit hate crime and hate speech offences;
Provide for the prevention of hate crimes and hate speech;
Provide for the reporting on the implementation, application and administration
of this Act; and
Effect consequential amendments to certain Acts of Parliament; and
to provide for matters connected therewith.

After the approval of the bill into cabinet, various individuals where convicted of hate speech and obliged to appear in court. With the most known case of Vicky Momberg, which was sentenced to two years of jail for the use of the K word against a police officer. 

Great thing, the bill is actually being used. Then what about being used against Julius Malema, the leader of the EFF, which amongst all, a promoter of hate speech and hate crime to be committed against white citizens of South Africa. 

Quoting from his own words “ : 'We Have Not Called For The Killing Of White People... At Least For Now'. We cannot 'guarantee' what will happen in the future. 

Singing of the song Shoot the Boer during his rallies.

“we will cut the throat of whiteness” - during one of the motions of no confidence against a “white” Mayor Athol Trollip. 

And I can continue . Hate related banners used during EFF rallies are a common thing. Not to say that the EFF members also consider brutality as something normal - the attack of a white journalist outside of court was also done by one of their members, named Floyd Shivambu

People of South Africa need to WAKE UP and realize that Julius Malema isn’t above the law and should be held accountable for his continuous white-hatred promotion. A democracy is to realize the only race is the human race.