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Public sector workers, are we worth it?????

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The one percent pay cap was applauded in parliament. From experience: Nurses, staying over late, not being paid extra and researching a patients condition for HOURS at home to improve care and SAVE A LIFE whilst keeping a family together and getting five hours sleep between shifts isn't appreciated. Not only that, to top it off you now have to pay £27,000 for the privilege of stress, worry and insomnia. 

Police : you expose yourself daily to dangerous situations to keep the public, private and political areas of society safe, unarmed and against extremely dangerous criminals. You are only appreciated when called upon by politicians however your daily actions are dismissed by many. 

Fire service: society only appreciates when they need to call upon you. The recent events in London, do politicians consider the fact you have children you have tucked up in bed and have to take to school after your 12 hour shift (WITH A SMILE) NO!!!!

Teachers : you sit up devising lesson plans to include children from all backgrounds despite the religious, gender and social differences in order to offer every child the same prospect. Do you complain? Are you paid to care how the future generation progress??? NO. 

Social media and news never infiltrated my life however I feel I must do something to express my disappointment in the government after viewing the cheering in Parliament regarding the pay cap on public service workers. I believe public sector workers  are the backbone of society and during educational training,  we are aware these professions are not going to make us wealthy but were essential to ensuring a productive and caring society, so why are we paid less than most???? 

Have the politicians voted on this pay cap,  provided a loved one with last offices? arrested an armed terrorist? saved a family from an unsafe fire? provided  a deprived youngster with an education to make themselves a someone? Let's think about it as they earn the basic public sector workers annual pay five times over. 

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