To stop Theresa May trying to revoke the Scotland act and for Scotland to

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This petition is to send a clear message to Westminster that Scotland will not lie down and let them control us they want to revoke the Scotland act become the SNP and the SGP are seeking another independence referendum as there was material change


also this includes where measured Scotland should have legislative consent from all devolved administrations including England (except Northern Ireland at this point as there government is in disarray at present ).

If full bill is passed by at least the Welsh Government and Northern Irish Government (if applicable). If the Welsh pass the bill gets passed and the English bill does not get passed by either a) House of Lords or B) House  of Commons, There vote will be superseded by the devolved administrations as a decision can't be reached.


If the bill is successful SCOTLAND will go to the the polls for a 2nd referendum immediately so date should be set before the bill is in motion , so it can happen as soon as possible Meaning days after the bill is in motion this gives voters have the same decision they started with. if it comes out a yes vote Scotland should for say do article 50 on the UK   i would say a year for negotiations to take place. Then Scotland should declare itself an sovereign republic or state upon which the rest other UK should be the first of every state to recognize Scotland as a sovereign state.      

10000 voices from Scotland can make this happen