Stop the Kirkton Road Development Completely

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Dawn Homes seek to submit planning permission for 78-110 houses in the Kirkton Field, Kirkton Road Neilston. This would:

  • Create really significant traffic problems: making the High Street and Kingston Road that is used by school children overcrowded, poorly maintained and most of all dangerous.
  • Destroy a free, beautiful and safe public space.  The development would be situated in a small, 100% greenbelt area that has a local biodiversity site in it, is of real amenity for many in the local area and is full of wildlife (such as bats, deers, and buzzards). 
  • Be against East Renfrewshire Council Plans. The Council have not identified the Kirkton Road site as a priority and the Developers plans are not those that the Council have agreed upon in its policy document.

Neilston needs better development that does not ruin the very reasons people want to live here (safe, quiet, free public space that is close to the city but full of wildlife).

No planning permission has yet been granted and we have a chance to oppose this and be heard!