Child abusers to do their time and not get away with what they do.

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My son got abused by my ex partner the result of my son being took away from me for 5 months and being took into to care , i was working when this happened but i still got my child took away from me . On the 3,4,5th october we had court 9am till 5pm 3 long days to decide weather my son comes home or he gets adopted and that was only if the judge found out who did it or it someone owned up id get my son back. Which my ex partner admited it on the 5th of october and i went home to my son. 2 months later i rang the police and they said he got a slap on the wrist because its his first offence. How is this fair ? He hurt my 2 year old son and walked away free! This needs to stop and the justice system needs to change!