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Hurricane Harvey Mortgage Companies refuse to release money to homeowners to repair homes

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After Hurricane Harvey caused massive flooding along the Texas and Louisana Gulf Coast, and after the insurance companies sent out compensation, the mortgage companies ended up with the compensation, and now they are refusing to give the home owners the compensation to repair their homes. They will ONLY reimburse after the work has been completed, and, if your home is not completed in a timely manner, they are threatening to repossess the homes! 

Very few people have the thousands of dollars that is needed to do repairs on an unexpected natural disaster. 

Even people who have made the repairs are having trouble receiving the monies.

This is utterly wrong on so many levels! People who have been paying their mortgage without ever missing a payment or even having a late payment are also being targeted. 

If the mortgage company invests this money while refusing to give it to the homeowner, they can gain millions of dollars in interest!! And then they can make a HUGE PROFIT off the tragedy that has occurred to their customer! 

Help us bring this to light in an effort to force them to release these monies to the homeowners. 

If you are one of these homeowners, please name the mortgage company.

Many mortgage companies sell your mortgage to another mortgage company without the knowledge or consent of the homeowner beforehand. My original mortgage has been sold four times. I never agreed or had any say so in who now holds my mortgage, but this mortgage is refusing to give me my money to help me repair my home. I have had to beg and borrow for the monies needed in order to get unexpected repairs, such as unknown foundation problems and broken pipes, before I could even begin the repairs on my home.

The Harvey flood hit my house on August 28th. It is now Dec 22nd, and though I have had to spend almost $25,000 on needed repairs, the mortgage company, Midland Mortgage, out of Oklahoma, has only reimbursed me $15,000. 

Please help me and others get our monies from these money grubbing mortgage companies! 

Thank you for signing. What they are doing does not only effect the Harvey flooding, but the California wildfires as well. 

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