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As a local Senior at the Hanover Area Jr Senior High School, I, Stephanie Aberant and Tabitha Ortiz are looking for more safety at our Schools! Students should not have to wake up everyday debating on if they want to go school or not because they are petrified of the fact that they're not sure if they're going walk out alive or not! We say to hell with it, LETS TAKE A STAND! Let's have a panic button in every classroom! Let's have security at every entrance and exit checking to make sure nothing is going on and the students and faculty are safe in their surroundings! Lets make everyone go through metal detectors and be searched before entering our environment! Let's actually INFORM PARENTS AND STUDENTS of what is going on and actually tell them what they should do in case of a emergency! Let's arm our veterans that want to help and let them help keep us safe! Please sign this petition and we have also let the local news stations aware that there is a board meeting @ HANOVER AREA JR SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL MARCH 8TH 2018 that will be attended and were hoping to see as many people as possible to help us plead for the safety we need! Its time we take matters into our own hands and make a stand! Thank you for the support and help! We appreciate it extremely! 

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