Help my family Change the Foster System

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August 1, 2017 Jensen J. was placed into our care; as a foster child. As soon as my family laid eyes on him we knew he was a blessing from the start. From his big brown eyes to his amazing personality, he was perfect. My family fell in love with him more and more everyday. Over the period of time being with us not once did Jensen birth parents or family members make any effort to be apart of this young blessings life. DHS says it best to place him with his actual family, but to him we are all he knows. DHS and the people who are for taking Jensen away fail to realize that it makes it difficult for children to form the kind of stable attachments that undergird social and emotional development; this plays a huge role to kids five and younger because that’s when they form that special and irreplaceable bond. For children of all ages, multiple placement often lead to bad behavior and severe emotional problems; most feeling unwanted. Also it can lead to metal problems and can contribute in poor educational achievements, as children are shuffled from school to school. Jensen call’s my parents mom and dad and to him we are his family, because not once did we disown or ever give up on trying to make this young blessing actual member of our family; and we will do anything and everything to keep Jensen a member of our  family.