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Grandparents Access Rights

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People are using children as porns...for money, bribery and control over people. Children have a voice too. Grandparents should have a right to see their granchildren..unless there is a lawful explanation eg abuse to prove they can not see their grandchildren. Children need to be protected whilst having a choice to see their grandparents whilst young. Until they are old enough to have a voice to speak for themselves. Children need family, care,support and protection. This should not be taken away by parents who have their own family issues. This will break the chain in community of so many youngsters/parents using children as porns..'Give Children a Voice'. This has been the saying for many years. This now needs to be correctly fulfilled. Social Services also use this quote. Stopping family involvement for pathetic relationship issues is wrong. This was a Bill that was agreed in 2010 by the house of Lords and Commons. This Bill was never passed before the Government changed. Let's give children a voice and SIGN this petition to change a society of disrespect and family issues continuing. Children should not be used as porns in this way. Time for change..this could effect you now or in the future. Let's change the law now. By signing this petition you are helping to change the law. This will mean you will always have a right to see your grandchildren. Do it for the grandchildren. The love, time, protection and support I can provide for my grandchildren, can impact their future and state of mind as well as provide great enjoyment and satisfaction to them and me. I am sure every grandparent out ther, thinks of it as natural to be a part of their grandchildrens world.  Stop this being taken away and build a better community and life for our next generations. Society needs to change. Let's start that change. SIGN NOW

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