Get our school to allow us to talk about abortion

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Myself and a few students organised a parliamentary debate. The topic was abortion as Ireland at the moment is going through a referendum. We put 6 months of effort into organising this debate. We went through all the right authority figures (Principal,vice principal,year head) and got permission to do it. We were all set up and then two religion teachers came over to us and told us they were uncomfortable. Then they got the vice principal to CANCEL the debate topic because they disagreed. THIS IS WRONG . We as students have a right to discuss important issues affecting our countries. This topic is very important as our country is currently going through the process of making it legal which we are very happy about. They had no right to shut down a safe area were we could discuss this important issue that people need to be educated about !!by signing this petition you will show the teachers  that we deserve to talk freely in our school and have a right to debate on such important topics