Freeing Francisco

Freeing Francisco

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On April 28 of 2019 Francisco Mendez would begin the fight of a lifetime

were certain that if more people took time to read and understand Francisco’s case we could start a chain reaction that will create a crucial change for one innocent man’s life. 

“I don’t deserve to be here, I can’t believe I’m still here” as he asks for an ear to listen. “I have a great case; a strong case, I just need help getting the word out. I’m confident, but I have little faith in the system”

We’re here to offer an extra level of support, for one of our own. If you feel strongly towards our cause, please sign, one signature goes a long way. #FreeingFrancisco


with pre-trail January 18 of 2022 we will be providing insightful information we feel is necessary in order for your decision to be made and even have the ability to help persuade the fate of Francisco Mendez In a positive direction. 

9 have signed. Let’s get to 10!