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All he wanted to do was help he was helping, he was not trying to cause trouble 

Olie’s Story 

“I've been labelled a "terrorist" "terrorising Melbourne" on a video that got half a million views and counting.

I never wanted to be a hero, I didn't want to be rewarded for what I did, I simply wanted to help people and save lives. I've been through so much shit in my life, seen too many people jump in front of trains, too many people being involved in car accidents and innocent people being killed when they deserve to live and the fact that I am 16 not being able to join the force, become a paramedic or a firefighter, I just wanted to do something good for this great city that I am happy to live in.

I got really depressed over the past 2-3 months because of something that happened in my life, the only thing that ever made me happy was to do stuff for others. I didn't tell anyone about this and I tried to stay strong and positive but it just gets so hard especially after you lose someone that you loved the most and that you would do anything for. I nearly took my own life on two occasions because I thought it was all over. I just wanted to do good for the community.

I'm sorry for that elderly man who I gave CPR to save his life because paramedics couldn't get there on time, I'm sorry to those hundreds of people who I helped who were involved in car accidents and because highway patrol couldn't get there on time, I'm sorry for interfering and helping evacuate employees from burning buildings, because MFB couldn't get there. I just wanted to help, I didn't want to be a hero and now I am being told that I am facing up to 5 years in jail for just trying to help.

I hope u guys understand that I did this all for good intentions, I didn't want to be a hero, I didn't want to impersonate the police. I just wanted to be there for others and help our community. Thanks for the support everyone, love you heaps <3”



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