Fostering Sufficient Water and Electricity

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Water and electricity play an integral part in our daily lives. We cant live without its presence. Technologies are very essential in doing chores effortlessly. Scientifically speaking, some technologies wont work unless electricity runs off of its electrical components therefore, it will not operate according to its usage. Water is a big matter when talking to its purpose universally. From a small specie of plant to the largest animal alive needs water to drink accordingly.

So heres the problem: Insufficient water and electricity annoys everyone.

  • Try waking up in the morning to prepare for schools and work and theres no water.
  • Try to charge your phone because you barely need it and theres no current.
  • Try to sleep comfortably at night with a very hot humidity and tons of mosquitoes swirling around your skin when its blackout.

As a monopoly corporation, you should do your job to give your consumers the primary services they deserve from you. You are the ones whom we can only ask to solve these irregularities. So please do your obligations rightfully for the sake of all the people in our community.

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