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Flaunt your flaws

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Flawless believes that makeup has incredible powers. Any kind of makeup products possesses the same ability, whether it being a luxury, high-end lipstick or a hundred-peso eye shadow. Makeup is a form of physical art that can introduce a person to a whole new world. Perhaps the greatest reason people adore makeup is because of its ability to stimulate their imagination. By painting the colors onto their face, they transform into a fresh new persona. We are aiming to empower and encourage everyone to be comfortable in their own skin. Inner beauty should always be valued over a person’s appearance. However, it is also important to recognize that it is okay for a person to feel beautiful while wearing makeup. Recently, body positive movements have turned to makeup-shaming and privileging “natural beauty.”

Our group aims to create social awareness though making mind-opening video that will inspire others to be not afraid of not putting makeup on. Our campaign will be at the different social media sites so that many can be informed and can be inspired of our cause. We are going to have an official Facebook page so that people can see our campaigns and connect with us. We are also having a petition in so that we are getting closer to our mission of empowering women. We launch programs tailored to and powered by young people, putting their ideas, voices, and needs first. We engage young people online and in their communities, working with a diverse group of partners to connect youth with the services they need to thrive and drive change. We work with leading researchers to improve understanding of the factors that affect youth wellness and empowerment. like being uncomfortable to their skins and being discriminate by wearing makeup.

Today’s young people are a passionate, collaborative, and diverse generation. Flawless  believes that they are our most promising problem solvers and effective change makers. With support for their creativity and boundless potential, young people stand ready to strengthen our communities and build a kinder and braver world for all.

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