FISD just implemented a new backpack policy that is unacceptable in more ways than one.

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Franklin Independent School District has implemented a new backpack policy stating we are only allowed to carry clear or mesh backpacks. To be clear, there has been no threat at FISD and our schools already have security systems in place. This is unacceptable being because our belongings are our belongings. The kid sitting 4 seats behind you doesn’t need to see the failing grade you made on a geometry test or see what you’re having for lunch. Also, there are many people who won’t find out about this policy, so on the first day of school many will show up with a backpack that breaks policy. Parents may not either be able to afford another backpack and/or may not have the time to buy one. On top of these last two reasons, there’s another final one. That’s the fact that these backpack break. They are durable, strong, or meant for heavy weight. They are meant for going to the beach, packing for a sleepover at your best friends house. They are not meant for carrying 30 pounds worth of supplies and schoolwork that high schoolers will be carrying. It’ll present as a massive problem when students backpacks are breaking on a daily basis and parents are frustrated having to buy the 3rd one this year. There is a better way of ensuring our safety, and this is not it.