Fight Corruption

Fight Corruption

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طلب إجراء تدقيق مالي في الرهبانية اللبنانية المارونية 

محبة بالرهبانية، رهبانية القديسين، وتماشيا مع إرشادات قداسة الحبر الأعظم، بابا فرنسيس، لتطبيق الشفافية والابتعاد عن الزبائنية في الإدارات المالية
وبعد الكلام عن إمكانية اختفاء أموال بالملايين في الرهبانية اللبنانية المارونية
وبعد اللجوء الى مسؤولين في الفاتيكان الذين استدعوا رئيس الر هبانية
ولأنه لم يتم ما كان يطالب به الرهبان من الرهبانية بتدقيق مالي في المراكز الرهبانية الكبرى. وهذا لغز كبير و غير مبرر
نظرا للإجراءات التي يتخذها البابا بشأن بعض الكرادلة وما تسمعه عن محاكمات تتم داخل الفاتيكان بسبب صفقات تجارية
 ،واختلاس أموال
وكون الرهبان غير قادرين على محاسبة سلطتهم لأسباب عدة، منها الخوف من الانتقام الذي سيلحق بهم؛
ارتأينا، نحن جماعة ملتزمة في الكنيسة أن نتقدم بهذه العريضة من الحبر الأعظم، طالبين من قداسته فرض تدقيق مالي
في مراكز الرهبانية، وذلك لتبيان الحقيقة كاملة واتخاذ التدابير المناسبة
نود أن نذكر أن التدقيق المالي لا يعني أبدا التشهير بأي مؤسسة، كما هو الاعتقاد في مجتمعنا اللبناني والعربی. فكل
مؤسسة يجب أن تخضع لهذا التدقيق
إذ إننا نشجع على توقيع هذه العريضة، نتقدم بالشكر من كل موقع على مطلب يعود بالخير على الرهبانية والكنيسة، وعلى
المجتمع اللبناني بأسره


The petition we are launching aims to support the action of Pope Francis in his fight against corruption and clientelism and to help curb this double scourge which gnaws at the land of the Cedars. The petition targets a religious community, the Lebanese Maronite Order (OLM), whose current authority continues to plunder the resources of its community, using its absolute power, "uncontrollable" and "uncontrolled".
The scourge began with the arrival of an authority formed by what can be described as a "political party", whose leader is the current general superior. The incomplete data we have is limited to the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK), but an audit must include the other major centers of the Order.

From 1998 to 2001, the financial officer and the Rector of USEK have inherited US$9 million and bequeathed a deficit of 2 million at the end of their mandate. What is the gain collected during the 3 years and what is ultimately the diverted amount? No prosecution has been taken against these two responsible. Misappropriation of funds is not considered a misdemeanor.
Since 2010, when the current authority put its hands on USEK, an amount of approximately $24 million has been paid into a community account. Since they were not spent anywhere else, they were undoubtedly pocketed by this authority. Given the number of students and the cost of credits, accounting experts estimate that the gain made by USEK during these years would
exceed hundreds of millions of Dollars. Where are these millions? How were they spent?
During this same period, the person who was in charge of building a floor above the Faculty of Fine Arts, now an Ex-Religious, embezzled more than 5.7 million Dollars. Again, no prosecution has been made.
On behalf of the brother-in-law of the current financial officer of USEK, about 6 million
Dollars were paid, on the pretext that he makes purchases for USEK in China.
This authority also excels in the practice of clientelism: most of the employees at USEK are close relatives or friends of the general superior, rectors and the financial officer. A salary increase is carried out in their favor in an arbitrary manner. The two engineers charged to build the faculty of medicine are the brother of the superior general (400 thousand dollars) and his cousin (600 thousand). But the most glaring thing was the appointment of a close relative of
the general superior as rector of USEK No shame.
In mid-2020, OLM members had the courage to expose the catastrophic situation of their Order to Vatican's officials. They avoided having recourse to direct superiors, because the authority has learned how to gain the favor of these superiors by using the resources of the Order. We knew that at the end of September - early October, the Vatican summoned the general superior twice. No one knows who in the Vatican received the latter, who, in turn, has kept a total silence
on this subject. 
Since then, the religious have been eagerly awaiting the outcome of this case, namely the execution of an audit. Nothing has been started on this subject until today, which arouses the disappointment of the religious who have made only one request to the Vatican: the Audit.
Only an audit will reveal the embezzlement committed by this authority, both at USEK
and at the major OLM's centers. Only the audit will determine where the embezzled money is placed and if there is a way to recover it. Only the audit will disclose the misappropriated sums, which will determine the seriousness and, therefore, the penalties incurred for the committed crime.
We invite all person of good will to sign this petition, so that in the Church and whatever the function assumed, no one should believe themselves superior to the law, or exempt from punishment in case of an offense or misdemeanor. The money that our poor families have paid to our institutions belongs to them, as the Holy Father says, and it must be grown for their benefit.
Signing it secondly helps to let the embezzlers of funds be aware that their misdemeanor cannot and should never be protected by a higher authority.
Finally, by signing this petition we are supporting the Holy Father's action in his fight against corruption and clientelism within the Church.
By collecting a large number of signatures, we can submit this petition to the Holy Father, while begging him to grant a legitimate request: to order an audit for the most important centers
of the OLM.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!