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Fathers Rights

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Fathers in America are being taken advantage of, stomped on and down right treated like they don't matter in their children's lives everyday. They are seen as dead beats when they can't afford to pay for child support, when they work dead end jobs just to make ends meet so they can make minimum payments for their bills, but mothers are not held to the same standards. There are so many programs and grants to help mothers succeed and none for fathers. Fathers are looked upon to be the sole beneficiary for financial support, yet these government assistance programs do not require the custodial parent to be actively looking for a job. Its time to stand up and take action. It takes two people to make a child and it should require two to take care of them. I understand that there are circumstances where there are children with special needs that parents cannot work but still the father and mother should both be required to take care of the child's needs. Not just depend on one. I find in today's society that it is ridiculous that we depend on one parent to completely support the needs of children when there is nothing wrong with the child and the other parent is perfectly able to work and is just plain out lazy, and why would they when they can get free benefits from the government and get child support? I have no issue with paying child support and taking care of my child but to pay child support and an outrageous amount for the mother of my daughter to sit at home and live off her parents and not work and rake in the benefits for free and im struggling and still have to buy clothing and other things for my daughter at my house and still try to pay bills and live, is very difficult then when i try to lower my child support it takes money to hire a lawyer that i dont have because im paying so much money in child support, but she can get a lawyer for free? Please tell me how this is fair or even equal? I want to be the best dad to my daughter as im sure there are others in the same situations as i am....  Lets stand together and help fathers succeed and be a part of their children's lives, and instead of encouraging jail time and distance between children and fathers, lets help bond them, children need both parents! 

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