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Get the app blocked on social media because of the anonymous messages

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  • I am starting this petition because of the vile messages that get left anonymously on this app. Such as cruel jibes towards a 12 year old boy who had to have treatment for a rare form of cancer, in my eyes this is cyber bullying people go through so much pain that no one knows about and yet you can get this app where people are just being vile, disgusting and cowards because it's all anonymous. How would you feel if it was your child? My daughter had the app and the things people where saying where disgusting i wouldn't say half of the things said to my worst enemy. I got her to delete it and it's sickening that people are sharing nasty vile comments to her about other people. This needs to stop NOW bullying is bullying at the end of the day whether it be physical mentally or emotional. Please i beg you for all our children get this app bann. The example I've put up is one my daughter got saying "Hooray your mother is going to die of cancer she is ugly and obese" 

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