End sea world

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Animals, beautiful, stunning creatures who do not deserve to be kept inside a tank for their whole entire lives because we, humans, decided to we wanted cruel entertainment. Everyone wants freedom, everyone has feelings, and nobody deserves to be locked up for their whole entire life serving someone else. Animals deserve to be free. For example, the orcas at sea world, are kept in tanks that are smaller than the size of the parking lot, which is not right, AT ALL. As of August 2017, there are 60 orcas being kept in captivity at Seaworld. 27 of those were captured and 33 were born into captivity. At least 165 orcas had died from being in captivity. Out of the 156 orcas taken from the wild in 1961, 129 of them had perished. In July 2017, an orca named Kasatka was reportedly on the verge of commiting suicide due to the longing for the ocean and her family. The average age of an orca is 30-50 years old if in the wild, but the average life span of an orca at Seaworld is 13 years. Imagine if you were taken from your family at such a young age, forced to a completely different environment, far away from home, a different species telling you what to do, and you have no way of going back to where you belong. Would you like that??? If no, then please sign my petition and end sea world, because animals are precious and beautiful, and deserve to be free and wild.