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Traffic jam around Taksin Bridge which it was been a long term problem. We design to make a campaign to encourage people to use bicycle and public transportation instead of using private car. And rezoning under Taksin Bridge.


  • Charoen Krung road was one of the first road that was built in the past which mean it wasn’t planned to be a town square so it Hard to expand the road and the road is very small so it causes heavy traffic problems.
  • In 2554 the Government establish the policy “first car project” , the project is for the person to pay less taxes for their first car.
  • In 2558 this policy ended with the total of 1.25 millions cars joined in this project. This lead to high increase rate of car on the road and turn out to create traffic congestive in the long term.


  • Shops causing trouble to the main traffic because some cars that entering the mall must interfere the main circulation.
  • Hotel area are causing problems due to the 
  • tourists that call for taxi meter to pick them increase the amount of the cars on the road unneccessary.
  • The highway entrance can cause a serious problem to the main circulation due to some cars must break out the line to enter the highway.
  • Weekday: In a rush hour cause most of road in this area 
  • jamed due to high amount of cars and other motor 
  • vehicles. After a rush hour about 8-9 pm still have high amount of cars and motor vehicles on the main road.
  • Weekend:  In the morning traffic is flow. But at noon until about 5pm have high amount of motor vehicles. On 5-7pm Traffic will be jam. After 8pm vehicle will be less and less.


  • Reduce the usage of personal car.
  • Encourage people to use public transportation.
  • Links the public transportation around that community together.
  • Transit Transportation hub located near the community public transportation for the easy when use the bicycle.
  • Provide for activity near the hub and along the waterfront to let people enjoy.


  • Transition transportation hub which have bike route to connect each community together and also can transfer to other public transportation.
  • Road that connec tThonburi and Phra Nakorn together and there are one of the road that go to the city-center so most of the time this road always be quite heavy traffic.
  • Provide the transition transportation hub and bike route which locate at area that before going to the city center and the route bike will help connect to other point of the city so there help to reduce the car on the main road and the hub also be the transition transportation of many public transportation so they could help to induce people into the hub.
  • We set the path for the bike to access to the bike hub and other transport transits. Also the other facilities that located in the area which effects to the community. In the new zoning, we set the bike hub near the other public transit due to provide the esay access to the people who want to change from bike to public transportation. Last, we put the park to provide the activities zone for the community and other users in the area and we set the space for shopping area and eating area.

 More Information : EasyPathEasyPass

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