#DoNothingForTheClimate (on May 13th)

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As more people understand the looming threat of climate change and join the movement, many individuals, including seasoned activists, are burning out—becoming overwhelmed with how daunting the scale of change is and of the frightening changes that are already washing over us nearly everyday, from fires and floods, to storms and droughts. 

In part, that's because we're trying to do ever more to save the climate rather than simply doing less.

Poet Gary Snyder once said, "The most radical thing you can do is stay home." Now, that's arguable, if understood as completely stepping away from the fight. But the idea of doing nothing for a day: to slow down, to reduce our impact on the Earth, to reconnect with the planet we're trying to heal, to help heal ourselves so we can continue the fight over the course of our lives (and solving the climate crisis is going to take decades), well, that could help both the Earth and ourselves. 

So this May 13th (just about halfway between the busy do something days of Earth Day and World Environment Day—but not Friday so as not to disrupt continuing Friday climate strikes) take a day to do nothing. Sign this petition to demonstrate publicly your commitment to #DoNothingForTheClimate on May 13th.

What exactly does Nothing mean?

#DoNothingForTheClimateDay is about doing nothing. That means taking a day off from the struggle and unplugging from media, and the consumer culture as well. Slow down, focus on healing yourself and reconnecting with nature. Specifically you could: 

  • Take the day off. From work and from activism. Completely. Take a wellness day, personal day, or vacation day if you can.
  • Keep off digital media: skip the Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, TikTok, in fact stay offline for the day. Your brain and body will thank you.
  • Get outside. Go for a long relaxed walk in a park, a local wood, or a state forest (if possible without using motorized transport). Too often we're so focused on the struggle that we forget to simply be in and with nature. As book after book explains, this is very healing.
  • Read a good book, ideally from the library and not on a screen.
  • Spend some time with a loved one. 
  • Cook and eat a healing and delicious meal.
  • Have a cup of tea or two.
  • Meditate: spend several times over the day just sitting and being. Again, preferably outside. The simplest meditation: pick a spot in nature and observe the birds, bugs, and plants around you. 
  • And finally, go to bed early. Try leaving the lights low in your home in the evening so your natural sleep cycle is allowed to express itself and go to bed when you feel the urge rather than watching the latest episode of whatever.

Then the next day, you'll wake refreshed and once again ready to do something for the climate. So sign the petition and join us May 13th to #DoNothingForTheClimate and in the process help heal the planet and yourself!