Remove Year 11's (from 2018) from the history books

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The issue is that this year's GCSE leavers have not continued the traditions set out by their predecessors (class of 2012-2017). This included meeting at the 'lake' and performing live versions of the diss tracks that were prepared earlier in the year and peparing a banner of decent size.

This year's GCSE leavers have failed to do any of these things. Instead they have met at a local branch of the supermarket chain Morrisons and have claimed to have 'prepared' a so called 'banner', which has turned out to be made from two A3 sheets of paper 'pritt sticked' together, with approximately 12 photos stuck to it, with the main banner notice scrawled out with felt tip pen.


It's time to stop this pathetic effort from making the history books.

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