Change The Symbol For The NHS

Change The Symbol For The NHS

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I fully support the NHS and respect everything that they are doing, but the fact that the LGBT symbol is being used as their symbol is now completely invalidating a well known community and taking one of the only things we have and giving it a whole new meaning, there was so many other options which could have been chosen but the LGBT flag is what people are using. I find it sick that some of the people now rebranding this flag are the same people who would boot their children out of the house for being a member of the LGBT community, please don't try take something we have had to fight for years to have our flag has 6 colours you could have at LEAST used the 7 colours of the rainbow but no, and i mean this in the most respectful way possible. 

What the nhs is doing is amazing yes but at the same time THEY DESERVE THEIR OWN SYMBOL not one that has been stolen from our people, and I know a lot of people will disagree and say this isn't a big deal but to us it is we have had to fight and still do have to fight for our rights to live like normal people  

thank you for you attention and if you could please share this petition with as many people as you can and get the word out about this, it's unfair for both the LGBT community and The NHS 

once again thank you