Change the Phrase "White Milk" to "Original Milk"

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So often, we contradict ourselves and give bias towards the different types of milk. What do we refer to each kind of milk by? By color or by flavor? We have chocolate, strawberry, almond, and.... white? What is this prejudice? Why is white milk the only kind of milk labeled by its appearance and not the flavor that holds its true value. All milk is created equal, and, to show this, we must refer to them each and the same. Our community cannot take this segregation any longer. To stop this nonsense, I, along with a coworker of mine, have decided that all milk should be referred to by the flavor that we, as a community, identify it by. Now, of course everyone will ask, "What flavor is white milk?", and our answer is a simple one: it is the flavor of milk, or, more accurately, the original milk flavor. Therefore, one must refer to it as "original milk" as its original flavor is that by which we identify it. Help us solve the world's unfair bias of milk and create equality for all milks by more accurately calling "white milk" the improved name of "original milk". Thank you. 

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