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Change the law to protect children born exposed to substance abuse!

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Know the Need for Change:

In America, if a pregnant woman is a substance abuser and gives birth to a child who tests positive for drugs, that child is removed by Family Services. Often times, that is the only "consequence" the mother receives for permanently harming her child.

Children born addicted to these substances go through excruciating withdrawal symptoms far worse than adults. Because it is during the first days of life, there are even more severe psychological effects that can last a lifetime due to this early induced trauma.

Studies prove that fetal exposure causes damage to brain development including decreased brain size, low birth weight, chemical dependency, cardiac abnormalities, birth defects, physical and developmental delays, behavioral and psychological problems such as PTSD, ADHD, anxiety/depression, mood disorders, and schizophrenia, among others.

The average expectant mother wants her child to be healthy and live a great life. A mother who intentionally exposes her unborn child to substance abuse chooses the drug over the health and bright future of her child. Therefore, removing them from her care is more of a relief than a punishment.

These drug exposed babies are then sent into the overcrowded foster care system where they may never be adopted at all. They often suffer permanent damage for the rest of their innocent lives. The birth mother, however, can continue with her life and get pregnant again and again. In fact, as the laws are now, if the mother voluntarily surrenders custody of that state-removed child, her next birthed child is seen as a clear slate case for that mother.

If anyone shakes a baby and causes injury, they go to jail. But there is no real consequence for a mother who causes the same injury via drug exposure. This seems like common sense that if the injury is the same, the legal consequences should be too.

As the adoptive mother of a beautiful child who suffers every single day from what they did not deserve done to them, I plead with the public to join our cause. I want his struggle to not be in vain. There are so many just like him!

I want the laws to change so more innocent children can be saved, substance abusers will be better motivated to seek help, and we can take a stand for what is right. 

We can do something to make a difference. Will you please sign our petition?

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