Canadian Zero Waste for a Circular Economy: End Plastic Pollution with Biodegradables

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Dear stakeholders and, most importantly, consumers,

We play a pivotal role in environmental and health consciousness. We truly believe that reducing the usage of non-compostable plastic through better methods that include penalizing the usage and incentivizing the alternatives is of paramount importance.

Every day, large quantities of plastic waste leak into the environment from sources both on land and at sea, generating significant economic and environmental damage. Plastic debris is transported by the ocean current, washed up on land, degraded into microplastics or formed into dense areas of marine litter trapped in ocean gyres. 

As an increasing number of communities and societies become environmentally conscious, now is the time to take action. Please meet us in the front lines in going green and help us start investing in the production of biodegradable plastic materials.

Sign this petition to turn to viable alternatives to non-compostable single-use plastic that can be used to minimize environmental impact.