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Boycott Pitt Bros BBQ

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Pitt Bros BBQ is disgusting for condoning animal abuse as well as discriminating against people with different values. Pitt Bros BBQ posted a picture on their Facebook of a meaty burger saying "tag a vegan".  It's offensive towards animals as well as humans who are trying to have values by being vegan for animals and the planet. Sign to get Pitt Bros BBQ to publicly apologise to the globe for seeing humour in dead animals who have suffered to be a meal.  Show some respect Pitt Bros BBQ apologise and encourage people for being vegan for the planet and being a voice for animals. Pitt Bros BBQ this is the opportunity to change your bad attitude towards animal abuse and market your company to do better for the world by including vegan options to your restaurant. All we ask is you publicly apologise and show you can do good for the planet by creating vegan meal options 

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