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Bullying Free World

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Bullying is probably the most common problem we encounter as we grew up, whether we're in school or at home. There are different types of bullying. It may be physical, emotional, verbal or even cyber bullying. Bullying may varies by type but at the end of the day, its effect are just the same.


Out of 50% of those people who experience bullying (Adult, Teens & Children) 25% of it decides to end their lives because they feel depressed about it. The feeling of being different than the others, being an outcast and unwanted, feeling weak for not being able to protect themselves from bullies just makes them think that the world is just better off without them. More and more cases are being reported about bullying each day and the number of victims also increases. More teens and kids decides to drop out of school.


You see, it's not just the education of an individual that gets affected. It also affect its mental health and social life.


If you are a victim of bullying, we encourage you not to be afraid to voice out what you think or what you feel. Learn to protect yourself because you are not born just to be hurt by others.


Stop bullying. Words are just words but they can be a weapon against the other specially to those vulnerable ones. If you've got nothing nice to say or do then just shut up and behave. We may not be able to stop it as soon as we can but at least we could help preventing it. And by doing so, the number od suicidal cases may be lessen and also the number of people having social and mental issues.

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