Build flexible road barriers from BBK past Waitara!

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Too many people have died on the SH3 stretch of road near Waitara in particular, for varying reasons, but a lot of the time because someone crosses the centre line! I propose to have the middle flexible road safety barriers that are on the first stretch of road, to be extended past the Bell Block turn off, and out right past Waitara! There can be a multitude of contributing factors to the crashes - alcohol, drugs, weather, eyesight, health issues, tiredness. This solution may not mend every single outcome, but I believe it would greatly help and decrease the continuing number of fatalities on this road in particular. Who cares how much it'll cost, and how long it'll take if it keeps our people that much safer! And hey, maybe the roadworks in the mean time will slow everyone down and keep us safe as well. I know I'd rather the inconvenience of road works in the short term, if it meant more people were safe in the long run. I'm only one little person, and obviously can't push this or make it happen by myself so please sign and share!!