Bring Back Our Senior Quotes

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All throughout high school students wait for the day that they get to choose a quote for the yearbook that expresses humor, feeling or inspiration. Something that can remind their peers of who they were or what they believe in, 20 years after graduation. The only rule is that you can not write something that alludes to sex, drugs or alcohol, however, last year at Hills West this happened. A quote got through that alluded to the consumption of alcohol, causing this year’s quotes to be filtered more thoroughly. Upon doing so the teacher in charge of the yearbook found that quite a few quotes referenced drugs and sex, causing the school administrators to conclude that senior quotes should be eliminated for the 2018 graduating class and all graduating classes to follow. Instead of giving students the benefit of the doubt, and granting the chance to choose and submit a new quote, they took the issue to the district superintendent who also decided that senior quotes should be eliminated. This has caused an upset within a majority of the Hills West student body, we feel that a huge privilege was unfairly taken away from us instead of addressing the students with inappropriate quotes and asking that they change them. As a member of this year’s graduating class I feel that quotes belonging to those who chose something appropriate to say, should be entered into the yearbook and students who had quotes that were deemed inappropriate should be given 2 days to choose and submit a new, appropriate quote for the yearbook or no quote will be entered for them. It is unfair to punish all of this year’s seniors who had followed the rules, as well as students in the grades below us just because a group of students decided to do the wrong thing. Please support us as we are trying to be heard in our argument for our senior quotes. 

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