Beating Corona Virus with a Smart Phone and a Credit/Debit Card

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We are dealing with a deadly virus and we are passed the point of containment, we need to do somehting now or risk everyone getting infected and cause thousands of deaths. South Korea was able to contain the spread of coronavirus by tracking each infected indifvidual with an application on their phone. The application works like WAZE (traffic app) by tracking the infected individual in a map, and showing everywhere the infected individual has circulated near your neighborhood. By doing so, everyone who isn't infected may avoid these places and stay clear of the infection. In order for this to work everyone has to undergo a coronavirus test to determine whether you are sick or not prior to registering in the app. If someone refuses to participate or does not have a smart phone, they can still be marked as non participants and still be traced by their credit/debit cards.Companies can be the administrators of this app by using a code that would enable the user to unlock the app for use after they have verified the data going into the app is correct. This would be done to ensure the data entered is correct and not forged. Employers may encourage their employes to start using this app as a condition for employees to return to work and restore people confidence in the system. This is a great system, if we all get on board with the system, we can defeat the virus. The technology exists and we can do this with the $ 2 Trillion stimulus bill that president Trump has approved to reactivate the economy. Please spread this initiative around so we can get enough signatures to get our authorities to approve this initiative in your city.